1. Installation of Gmax

Version 1.0 - 1. July 2002

To install Gmax, the following files ought to be present on our pc:

First, we launch Gmaxinst_1-1.exe and click Setup.

When the welcome-window shows, we click Next

In the following window Software Licence Agreement we click I Accept and choose the appropriate country in the field Select your Country

Then we choose the destination folder and click Next two times.

Gmax is now installing...


...better said...

...not yet ready.

first we've to click Finish.

A link to Gmax shows up on the desktop

We open the link and the...

...initialisation process starts...

...here we choose the display driver. (in most cases Direct-3D)...

...connect to the internet, and click on Register. (Cookies have to be enabled) Now, the ...

...internet browser with the Discreet Gmax registration page shows up.

Here, we type in our first name, last name and email address which has to be valid

One of the radio buttons in the lower field has to be chosen. Then we click Submit...

...and registration is done.

A cookie with the registration informations has been written onto our hard drive. Apart from this, Gmax sets some information into the registration database


When the cookie is deleted, Gmax can be used furthermore without any limitations. The registration window will show up, everytime Gmax is launched. By choosing Continue, Gmax will start.

Gmax will not launch without the windows registration database entries. Should Gmax be installed again or without internet connection, it can be enabled by setting the windows registration entries. To do this, we download and doubleclick the two files

The entries will be set automatically.

Now, Gmax launches, but we have to install the Train Simulation plugin first.

Therefore we close Gmax.

Now we install the MSTS plugin. We click on TrainSimGmaxGamePack.exe

The installation process starts...

...we agree to the license terms, click Next once...

...once again Next and...
...confirm the destination folder. The installer retrieves the destination folder location from the windows registration database. ...

...just click Finish,



Use this link only to launch Gmax with the MSTS plugin.

Gmax with MSTS plugin.

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